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He wrote books on islam and the life of mohammed, under the name essad bey. On september 11, 2001, a king of the west was caught flatfooted when he was reading a childrens book my pet goat to school kids in florida, when his nation was air attacked as. The first part of daniels vision describes a ram with two horns. Daniel is now about to receive one of the most specific prophetic visions about the future recorded in the bible. Nogo zones for us and how militant islam may be neutralizedin bible. He saw him destroying the mighty and the holy people. Ruhling says, it begs the question, which is the true holy book. Seven prophecies that must be fulfilled before jesus christs return.

Daniel chapter 8 a goat stubborn king of the west will attack iran. The coming war between iran and the united states as foretold in the book of daniel. Today the tomb of daniel in susa is a popular attraction among local muslims and irans jewish community alike. Do you remember the first book that made you step outside of yourself. And he came to the ram that had two horns, which i. In november 2014 then turkish prime minister erdogan announced his plans to form a new islamic union. In these days and times, the word stubborn rightly makes us think of trump thats for. The bible goes on to define the identities of this ram and the he goat spoken of in.

The book of daniel is a 2ndcentury bc biblical apocalypse combining a prophecy of history with an eschatology a portrayal of end times cosmic in scope and political in focus. Daniels vision of chapter 8, as viewed in an endtime context, fits very well with the. Daniel was in what, today, is southwestern iran when he had this vision. Some months ago, i thought, could the goat greece with one prominent horn president be the usa. Unsealing daniels mysteries lesson 8 cleansed at last. Rushing across the threshold of daniel eight part i. The coming war between iran and the united states as foretold in the book of daniel thompson, darren m. Is the vision of daniel 8 being fulfilled right now in. Is donald trumps rise to power foretold in daniels prophecy.

Iran relations by recounting the history of these two powers as seen from tehran. Daniel revisited do you believe christ is coming and we are in the end times. As i was thinking about this, suddenly a goat western powers with a prominent horn. The book of daniel mentions that daniel lived in babylon and may have visited the palace of susa. Daniel 8 tells us when these four kings would arise. Babylonian the last five chapters of daniel daniel 812 were written in hebrew indicating they were primary for israel. In iran and the united states he adds a useful dimension to the literature on u. Does the bible predict a future war between the united states and iran. Daniel prophesied that at the time of the end a king of the west will trample the leaders of iraq and iran into the dust. As was the case with the previous vision, daniel didnt fully understand the significance of what he was seeing daniel 7.

Charmed by the verses of shahnameh introduced by his grandmother when he was a boy, cyrus massoudi grew curious about iran over the years until he finally decided it was time to discover this magic land where anything seemed possible and where valiant heroes would sacrifice so much to protect it with his own eyes. While i was contemplating all this, a male goat was coming from the west over the surface of all the land without touching the ground. The ram, the goat, and the future king daniel the prophet books. Iran is biblical persia and, in retrospect, we can now see that the emergence of iran as a world power and a modernday growing global threat, is prophesized in the book of daniel. A wellnoted prophecy teacher, radio host, and writer on endtime issues is irvin baxter. However, as soon as that happens america will fall and be divided into four much lesser regional powers. Daniel chapter 8 a goat stubborn king of the west will. Epic poetry, absurdist fiction, and modern memoirs. God told daniel to seal the book until the end of times. He came to jerusalem ready to conquer it and out come jaddua, the high priest in jerusalem that time, and met alexander outside the city. But that future is now here and god wants us to understand what it is about. Daniel 7 gives us the prophets dream of four great beasts that rose up out of the sea.

I think that the first four nations to be included in this union will be turkey, syria, iraq, and iran. Books about iran score a books total score is based on multiple factors, including the number of people who have voted for it and how highly those voters ranked the book. Still is and speaks to us today through his written holy word and the holy spirit. Or was he also seeing a massive intercontinental airlift coming in from the west, a fearsome military force flying across the face of the earth armed with terrible weapons. You know, for religious fanatics and other societal oddballs. Seven prophecies that must be fulfilled before jesus. After this, daniel saw a goat challenging, and conquering the ram from the west. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. In the first part of the vision daniel sees a ram with two great horns, with the second horn. Daniels vision in the book of daniel chapter eight is relevant to. Daniel 8 shows the rams horns are broken by the goat s great horn trump. Many people think that biblical prophecies about the end of the world and the battle of armageddon are a christian thing.

Cyberspace ministry if i were told the future lesson. Lev was born a jew but embraced islam and the orient affectionately. This was just two years after daniels vision of four beasts and a little horn recorded in daniel 7. The vision of the ram and the goat that was seen by the prophet daniel may provide some clues. The vision recorded in daniel 8 came to the prophet in the third year of the reign of king belshazzar of babylon 553554 b. The nook book ebook of the living in the age of the ram and the goat. Daniel the prophet chapter eight the ram, the goat, and the future king. Doubtless, the church is living today in a very late hour of world history. The prophetic seal on the book of daniel is unsealing right before our very eyes. It comes from the west usa, crossing the whole earth very long distance without touching the ground flying planes and missiles. Daniels second vision of the ram, he goat and little horn.

In 332bc or their about, alexander great was busy conquering the entire world. The prophecies of daniel outline history in advance. He is the founder of end time ministries and he has a very interesting take on the four beasts of daniel 7. The prophet daniel saw the he goat, in its ultimate endtime manifestation crossing the face of the whole earth without touching the ground. Tradition says the lion, bear, and leopard of daniel 7 are babylon, mediapersia, and greece. How does daniel describe the he goat power which succeeds greece. I am in the process of writing a third book on prophecy. A commentary on the book of daniel by cooper abrams. He is bound to fulfill the predictions of daniel 8. Shushan is about 30 miles west of the modernday city of shustar, iran. Just as for all the prophecies found in the book of daniel, understanding this prophecy is all the more important since it especially concerns the generation who will live during the last days of this world. The earliest evidence for the domestication of the goat has been found in iran ca. But endtimes prophecy is not just a christian thing.

Why would god reveal a vision to daniel he does not understand, which he cannot tell anyone, and which causes him to be physically ill for a period of time. Prophecy the coming war between the united states and iran. End of days bible study of the prophet daniel by h. Daniel 8 tells of daniels vision of a twohorned ram destroyed by a onehorned goat a possible allegory for the transition from the persian to the greek eras in. Then he saw the rise of the little horn, the antichrist. The language of the original text now switches from aramaic back to hebrew. Molavi has a keen and nuanced view of iran, and his book introduces the general reader not only to irans. Kings of the north and south iran saudi arabia nwo russia usa by omegacube. If you are a student of bible prophecy, than i want you to get your bible out and open it to daniel chapter 8. Do you sense that what is unfolding in the news doesnt seem to be converging with what we think we know about the endtimes. Its becoming the consensus we are watching the prophecy of daniel 8 beginning in iraq by p2alm 06. Now, if you consult nearly any commentary on the book of daniel, youll find they nearly all interpret this prophecy as fulfilled in history. Daniel the prophet chapter eight the ram, the goat, and the future king daniel 8. Thus, daniel 8 begins a new division of the book of daniel.

Daniels vision of the ram, the hegoat, and the little horn. In more mundane language, it is an account of the activities and visions of daniel, a noble jew exiled at babylon, its message being that just as the god of israel saved daniel and his friends from their enemies, so. Daniel 11 is a long and detailed prophecy about the dynastic conflicts between these two powers, their respective leaders being referred to as the king of the north and the king of the south. If i were told the future lesson 18 the ram and the goat. Hossein mousavian, a former negotiator for iran, continues to provide a unique insight into irans policy perspectives and negotiating objectives. It is believed by most conservative scholars of the book of daniel those who believe it was written by him during his lifetime and not by some pseudodaniel living centuries later in the time of the maccabees that the book of daniel wasnt compiled in its. The book of daniel says that the prophet lived in babylon at one point and may have visited what is now susa, iran, but the place of his. Occurs over 150 end time prophecies kindle edition by warden, james. Daniel was located by the river ulai which is the karun river today and this is. Therefore, although many expositors divide the book of daniel into two halves 16 and 712, there are also good reasons for dividing daniel into three sections 1, 27, 812. Of great significance is that whenever they went to battle against each other, the jews got trampled on. They cover the same time periods from different perspectives.

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